Modern Proposal Management gives Proposal Managers control over process and IT Managers control over security.

Think about all of the folders, lists, documents, spreadsheets, and more that you have to create every time you start a proposal or capture effort. Then think about the permissions that have to be granted and restrictions on certain folders and documents that have to be applied. Though it doesn’t require that many hours, we’ve known businesses to expect a 48 to 72 hour turnaround time for the IT department to conduct all of these activities.

With SharePoint Online’s site provisioning capabilities, this turnaround time can be reduced to 5-10 minutes.

Data Call coordination is also extremely tedious and email driven. The amount of time you must spend sending out emails, fielding multiple emails with multiple attachments, ensuring those attachments are downloaded to your computer and then later uploaded to the proper folder, and then recording each data call action in some spreadsheet – it’s a lot. Through out of the box capabilities, most if not all of these tasks can be reduced to half time. That’s also not considering reviews and writing cycles. 

Modern Proposal Management requires you to change nothing.

There is a 2 part benefit to what we are calling modern proposal management. IT teams can relinquish some of the monotonous support tasks while also gaining more security control. It may seem paradoxical, but you’ll see what I mean in this webinar/demo. The other part is the collective set of benefits to proposal managers. Proposal teams can gain control of their process more and rely less on IT teams to move a proposal across the finish line.

  • Save hours of startup time on each proposal
  • Cut processing time of each data call by half
  • Alleviate coordination burden and keep teams informed without relying solely on email

Let us transform the way you conduct proposals without having to purchase any additional software. Simply use Office 365 and SharePoint Online.