B2B/Cross-Tenant Collaboration Solution

    Invite guest users to collaborate securely within your organization.

    Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) B2B collaboration feature provides a mechanism to invite guest users to collaborate within your organization.

    Using a simple invitation and redemption process, partners (suppliers, subcontractors, etc.) can access your company's resources using their own credentials.


    Benefits and Capabilities of Summit 7’s B2B Collaboration Solution

    • Bidirectional Support: Support for both Inbound & Outbound guest access & collaboration.
    • Security & Governance Controls: Implements security controls and best-practice governance to safeguard sensitive data in alignment with CMMC 2.0 L2 compliance.
    • External (Federated) Access: Allows your users to call, chat (1:1), and set up meetings with users who reside within other partner organizations via Microsoft Teams.
    • Multi-Cloud Support: Supports guest access regardless of invitation source, even when bridging cloud boundaries (Commercial à GCC High).
    • Guest Collaboration Context: Supports guest user collaboration within both SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams workloads.
    • Free/Busy Calendar Sharing: Allows Exchange Online calendar information to be shared bi-directionally between partner organizations

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