Teams Phone System and Audio Conferencing with Microsoft GCC High and Direct Routing

    Seamless Unified Communication and Collaboration with Summit 7

    Welcome to a world where communication meets innovation in the secure GCC High (GCCH) environment with Microsoft Teams. Summit 7 introduces a comprehensive solution that seamlessly combines the Teams Phone System and Audio Conferencing with Direct Routing.

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    Why Choose Teams Phone System and Audio Conferencing with Direct Routing?
      Streamlined Communication: Our solution empowers your employees with direct telephone numbers and integrated voicemail, enabling them to effortlessly make and receive calls directly from their Microsoft Teams client.
      Cost Efficiency: Maximize cost savings by embracing Microsoft Teams as your central collaboration hub within the GCCH environment.
      Enhanced Audio Conferencing: Elevate your meetings with accessible audio conferencing capabilities, even in scenarios with limited internet connectivity.
      Flexible Joining Options: Seamlessly join meetings "hands-free" using Bluetooth devices or enhance call quality through dial-in options. Ideal for audio-only meetings or as a smooth transition from Skype for Business.
      Flexible Financing: With financing available, the costs are spread out over three years.


    Teams Audio Conferencing Solution-1


    Simplified Licensing and Customization

    Licensing is straightforward. Meeting organizers require an audio conference license, while meeting attendees who dial in need no licenses or setup. Choose between toll and toll-free phone numbers for dialing into Microsoft Teams meetings. Toll numbers are automatically assigned as shared numbers to organizations when audio conferencing is enabled. You can also opt for dedicated toll and toll-free numbers from various cities, all effortlessly managed within your Microsoft Teams Administrator portal.

    Tailored Configuration Options

    Since 2019, Summit 7 has been a pioneer in offering full Microsoft Teams direct routing integration in GCC High (GCCH). Our standard configuration covers a range of features, including auto attendants, call center group routings, E911, inbound call park capabilities, and support for conference room phones and immersion systems such as the Logitech Tap System or Microsoft Surface Hub.

    Unlock the Future of Communication and Collaboration

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