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Addressing One of the Leading Challenges for Modern Contractors

How CMMC 2.0 and DFARS Apply to MSP / MSSP Suppliers



CMMC 2.0/DFARS/NIST Compliance Needs

S7 understands the complexity of compliance because the organization meets the same standard. 

Summit 7 speaks with multiple customers a day regarding CMMC 2.0 compliance, DFARS 7012, NIST 800-171 and protecting CUI and ITAR data. It is critical that your organization has an IT team that understands the technology and the compliance paradigm.

Complexity of IT Ecosystem

Borrow our learning curve and years of experience configuring and managing Microsoft environments.

For most organizations, it is nearly impossible to manage, both, the IT and the business environments with the upmost scrutiny in order to remain competitive in the government contracting space. Additionally, these common areas prove problematic:

  • Security Configuration and Management
  • Cloud Migration and Management
  • Data Explosion

Cost Pressures

Government contractors survive and thrive when they can become cost competitive while providing the best service to their federal clients and their employees. 

Summit 7 Managed Services enables you to avoid these common compliance cost pressures:

  • Regulatory compliance research and planning
  • New cloud skills training for existing teams/eventual turnover
  • Cloud security monitoring, reporting, and mobile management

Growing and Shrinking Pains

One of the difficult challenges for any business is growth, but for government contractors - This growth can double the company size overnight.

Your IT strategy and plan doesn’t have to burden your contract transition management:

  • Rely on Summit 7’s pool of IT professionals to plus up when you need it
  • Receive a clear and predictable payment structure based on users – not a contract
  • Leverage Summit 7’s strategic business reviews and expert IT planning to prepare for growth

IT Environment Assessment

Enabling Compliance with a Managed User Agreement

Services Provided

2, 4, 8 Hour Response Time

Mobile Device Monitoring and Support

Anti-Virus & Windows Patching

Workstation Monitoring & Support

Microsoft 365 Tenant Administration

Microsoft 365 Backups*

Helpdesk Support

We Plan & Sketch

Hardware & Software Leasing

Service Philosophy

Service Philosophy
Compliant Services
  • Engineered to meet the needs of Aerospace and Defense
  • FedRAMP Moderate / High for Cloud Services
  • NIST 800-171 and DFARS 7012 Compliant
  • Office 365 Auditing and Alerting

Our team holds certifications and passes the highest level of testing from Microsoft

Platforms & Software We Support

  • Microsoft 365 Tenant Administration

  • Feature Configuration

  • Hybrid Connectivity and Support

  • Workload Configuration

  • Office 365 Tenant Administration

  • Feature Configuration

  • Hybrid Connectivity and Support

  • Workload Configuration

  • Office 365 Tenant Administration

  • Feature Configuration

  • Hybrid Connectivity and Support

  • Workload Configuration

  • Workflow Assistance and Troubleshooting

  • Installation and Licensing

  • Forms Assistance and Troubleshooting

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What Clients Say

"The AnchorPoint specialist working through our latest maintenance is excellent at customer service..has great attention to detail.. listens well.. and is a difference maker for our staff."

Power Authority Serving 48 Million in 4 Municipalities
Fort Collins, CO

"Thank you all very much! Summit 7 verified a few technicalities through initial detective work and ran a bunch of PowerShell - and, now, I'm happy to report their team was able to restore the site collection and sub-sites. They have spot checked the content and sub-sites, and it is functioning as expected. Thank you for your help. "

Contractor with 410 Task Orders/Projects for US Army
Huntsville, AL