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Protecting CUI with Microsoft 365


On-Demand Webinar

  1. CUI Overview and Identification: Basic and Specified
  2. Microsoft 365 GCC & GCC High Overview
  3. How To Handle CUI / ITAR data in the Microsoft 365 Cloud
  4. Live Q & A 
Attendees will leave this webinar with an understanding of the cloud environments within the Microsoft 365 stack, enabling them to understand how to protect and safeguard CUI.

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About This Webinar

For many organizations handling data on behalf of the government or entities within the United States, handling sensitive data such as Federal Contract Information (FCI) and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is critical; If handled improperly, CUI presents one of the greatest risks to national security.
In this webinar, join Summit 7 experts as we dive into utilizing Microsoft 365 for identifying, processing, and handling CUI. 

We'll cover how organizations can practically identify, scope, and protect CUI with Microsoft 365. This equips organizations with greater control of their data and better protection of their sensitive information.
Microsoft has two versions of M365 that are suited for handling sensitive data: Microsoft 365 GCC High and Microsoft 365 GCC.


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