Introducing Guardian Cleared Enclave: Empowering Defense Contractors with an Accessible, Turnkey Classified Cloud Solution

    Overcome the hurdles of cost, resource limitations, and compliance complexities to successfully bid on and manage classified programs in the cloud.

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    Many small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) defense contractors are eager to bid on classified programs or expand their classified workload capabilities.   

    However, several challenges stand in their way: 

    1. Defense contractors often seek to participate in classified programs but find themselves limited by their current infrastructure. 
    2. Moving classified workloads into the cloud can provide the necessary scalability and flexibility. However, transitioning to a cloud environment that meets all the required security and compliance standards can be daunting. 
    3. Connecting to air-gapped facilities performing classified work can enhance resource sharing, personnel collaboration, and overall efficiency. However, this connection must be secure and compliant with existing stringent regulations. 

    SMB defense contractors need a solution to address cost challenges, resource limitations, and compliance complexities to effectively bid on and manage classified programs in the cloud.

    Option 1: An Innovative Solution for SMB Defense Contractors, Overcoming Cost and Compliance Hurdles 

    The cost and bureaucratic hurdles associated with building, auditing, and connecting classified systems are significant.  

    Large defense industrial base (DIB) contractors have an advantage due to higher funding and priority access to government connections. Small-to-medium-sized contractors often struggle with the financial and administrative burdens. 

    Many SMBs lack the resources and expertise required to move into a classified cloud like Azure Secret on their own. They also may not have the capability or desire to maintain ongoing compliance, which adds another layer of complexity to their operations.  

    Introducing Guardian Cleared Enclave: A Turnkey Classified Cloud Solution for SMBs

    Guardian Cleared Enclave is designed specifically for small-to-medium-sized defense contractors looking for an affordable, collaborative solution for classified work.  

    Leveraging the strength of both our Guardian Managed IT Services and Azure Government Secret products, this turnkey solution is the first of its kind in the defense industry. The Guardian Cleared Enclave includes hardware/software procurement, secure connections, government authorization, and a managed operational environment. This package also includes IT and Information System Security Officer (ISSO) services. 

    With Guardian Cleared Enclave, SMB defense contractors have a solution to help them overcome the hurdles of cost, resource limitations, and compliance complexities to successfully bid on and manage classified programs in the cloud. 

    Option 2: Advanced Support for Large Defense Contractors

    Summit 7 also provides a classified cloud solution to manage the tenant of large defense contractors. This option is ideal for companies who are ready to invest in firewall infrastructure and move their existing air-gapped programs to the classified cloud. Hiring employees - especially those with clearances - to manage a classified environment is very costly, and the time it takes for an individual to gain a clearance can take over a year. Retaining cleared talent is a known industry frustration within the cleared IT management community. With our classified cloud solution, you can avoid these difficulties and costs.

    To summarize: Option 1 is to join the Summit 7’s managed enclave, and Option 2 is to have Summit 7 tunnel into your enclave and have us manage it for you.

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    Why Choose Azure Secret? 

    Azure Government Secret is specifically built to meet the highest standards of security and compliance for classified data.  

    Azure Secret meets the stringent requirements for Department of Defense Impact Level 6 (IL6) and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Intelligence Community Directive accreditation. 

    Azure Government Secret is the first and only classified cloud service to receive the highest possible Department of Defense Impact Level 6 (IL6) Provisional Authorization (PA), providing high confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 

    With secure, native connections to classified networks, including options for ExpressRoute and ExpressRoute Direct, Azure Government Secret offers private, resilient, high-bandwidth connectivity. 

    Why Partner with Summit 7? 

    While many SMBs are hoping to bid on or expand their work on Impact Level 6 (IL6) contracts, there is considerable confusion around how.   

    Summit 7 brings a wealth of expertise and resources to help defense contractors transition to a classified cloud environment.  

    As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and a Certified Azure Managed Service Provider (MSP)/Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Summit 7 has the credentials and experience to support your cloud migration. 

    Summit 7 leads the industry in designing and implementing Azure Government solutions that meet Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 7012, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-171, and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 standards. 

    With years of experience migrating to Azure Government from non-government Azure instances, on-premises environments, and other cloud providers, Summit 7 ensures a smooth and compliant transition. 

    Watch the Webinar 

    To learn more about Guardian Cleared Enclave and how it can empower your business, check out our on-demand webinar. Gain insights from experts and discover how this solution can transform your classified operations.


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